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Miyawaki forest in Udaipur Rajasthan Pukaar Foundation

Tree plantation is important because

It will be no surprise to call trees a mother to our planet, as they take in harmful carbon dioxide to give out oxygen that helps us breathe. Trees not only filter out harmful polluted air but also provide shelter to animals and other living beings. From paper to furniture, every other item in our house consists of wood in some form or the other. Our society teaches us to give back, so we should, to nature also. We, in India, believe in ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ or ‘the world is one family’, it is time we treated our voiceless brothers as family too.

Tree plantation tackles, in the most aggressive way, the two main causes of environmental degradation – global warming and deforestation. Pukaar is an NGO in Rajasthana state that has been grappling with water woes for a very long time. This, along with many other environmental problems can only be solved with these tree plantation NGOs. All it takes is two helping hands and a passion to devote just a few minutes of your day to the nature. Let’s join hands to save the future before it’s too late!

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