Pukaar foundation starting ngo environementPukaar is a youth run non-government organization consisting of students and professionals who have taken an initiative of working on a dream of Pollution free Mother Earth, protecting and promoting local biodiversity through plantation and maintenance of Native flora.

         On 10th March 2013, Our Founder Bhuvnesh Ojha’s ultimate dream started taking shape when he bought a Mango sapling from his pocket money and planted it in his colony with the help of his colony children. He gave the name of the sapling ‘Astitva’ as he felt that if we give nature a space in our hearts, it has the capacity to give  back love and care.

In the span of eight months, he successfully planted 28 saplings in his colony with his friends that they had bought from their pocket money and named them Asha (Hope), Bhumi (Earth/Land), Bhumika (Role), Prakriti (Nature) etc. In September, 2013 he decided to involve youngsters and college students in his endeavor but failed to instill the sense of responsibility in them towards the environment. But this didn’t hold him back and he continued to make efforts.

After diligently working, his work caught attention after which people started acknowledging his work and joined in his efforts. Thus, evolved ‘Pukaar: Voice of Earth’ on 10th November, 2013 wherein the group started dedicating every Sunday towards plantation, environmental protection and betterment of the surroundings.

Pukaar Foundation is registered as an NGO under Rajsthan Trust Act 1959 (Reg. No. – 25/Trust/Dev/Udai/2017).

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