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Miyawaki technique of afforestation was pioneered by Akira Miyawaki, a popular botanist from Japan whose aim was to restore the native forests from their seeds, thus maintaining the ecological balance with nature. Through a Miyawaki forest, faster restoration of the eroded layer of soil is possible which could result in increased forest cover at approximately 10 times the rate as compared to normal plantation.

Miyawaki forest is one of the most popular reforestation methods being put to use in today’s densely populated cities where these forests can even be grown in the backyards of your respective houses. The Miyawaki technique majorly focuses upon native species of trees as the best trees for reforestation since these are relics of the primary forests.

Growing a Miyawaki Jungle has multiple benefits, some of the major ones being restoration of the eroded soil layers as well as the forest cover. There have been instances where Miyawaki forest have resulted in areas 30 times denser than when the usual methods of plantation were employed.

Miyawaki forest creation in Udaipur : Advantage

  • Occupies very little space. A Miyawaki forest requires as low as 4 metres of width to start with.
  • These plantation techniques can be used to mitigate the effects of natural disasters, as well as fix crumbling slopes at areas of construction too.
  • Quick to restore a dense forest in no time with native species of trees.
  • Miyawaki forest is free from the use of any chemicals or fertilizers.
  • It is very cost effective as even an individual can grow a Miyawaki forest in his backyard with little maintenance costs.

Pukaar, in a bid to revolutionize the way plantation is done over the whole city, adopted the concept of Miyawaki forest in Udaipur to give back to nature what is rightfully theirs. Miyawaki technique of afforestation has been accepted globally and has even led to proven results in much lesser time than the ordinary ways of plantation.

Miyawaki forest in Rajasthan takes inspiration from the best practices employed all over the country, be it the North East, or Bangalore in the South. The Miyawaki technique has been accepted globally to restore the greenery back to these forests and prompt every individual to do their bit. Pukaar proudly takes this a step further with a hope for a better tomorrow!

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How to grow a Miyawaki forest-

In order to grow a Miyawaki forest, follow these simple steps and make sure to take care of your little saplings for the next one year, after which they will grow on their own with minimum to no weed infestation.

  • Make a list of the native species of trees growing around your region by surveying the real forest. Then choose an area big enough to be dug down. You can choose according to the available space.
  • Remove the weeds and debris and dig a 1 metre pit. Keep a mix of natural soil enhancers such as water retainers, mulch, etc. ready and then pour it in an alternate fashion along with the earth dug out.
  • Pouring the natural soil mix and dug out earth will lead to loosening of the soil. Prepare a mound and then plant the saplings
  • Remember, do not plant trees of the same kind next to each other as they might come to the same height and affect further growth. Also, maintain distance between each tree.
  • Support the plants with sticks and water them till it gets wet for the first time.
  • Water the forest once a day and closely monitor their growth for the next year or so.
  • Over time, the trees will grow taller. Make sure to support them with longer sticks, maintain cleanliness, and do not use chemicals or cut them as it might make them weaker.

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Pukaar Foundation, with the support of its ever-so-green family of volunteers is growing a Miyawaki forest in Udaipur and nothing would make us happier than your wholehearted contribution towards making our planet Earth cleaner and greener.

Join us in our revolution and help us grow more trees. Each one must plant one. Donate and become a part, today!

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