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A bond beyond festivity

(Plantation with your Family & Friends on Rakshabandhan)

Why celebrate a festival the normal way when you can give it a whole new dimension? Vrikshabandhan by Pukaar was initiated with the tenet to create lasting bonds beyond festivity.
Social Media platforms were incorporated to receiveĀ  plantation requests by the locals. In the three day event, 50 volunteers went to different requested areas all around the city to first dig pits, and then to plant Native Trees of Aravali like Mulberry, Moringa, Neem, kikar, Baheda, Kachnar, Karanj, Aam etc.
The endeavor did not just aim towards planting trees by volunteers but also made families partake to develop an emotional attachment. People vowed to take care of their trees like one would protect their sibling. And to take it to another level, some even gave their plants names like Varsha (rain) and Ritu (season) etc .
In Udaipur, around 200 trees were planted and safeguarded not just by tree guards but also by the ones responsible for their care. Team of Pukaar Bhanswara also celebrated the event in their city. It was delightful to see the response and involvement that people showed towards Vrikshabandhan. This was Pukaar’s way of connecting humans and trees with an indiscernible thread.

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Key Points

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1. More than 500 tree plantation application we received
2. 10+ different organisations like UdaipurBlog, MDS, Mercy league, Robin Hood Army etc. supported the initiative.
3. 40+ volunteers enrolled themselves to be a part.
4. 200 native plants of different 40+ species of Aravali were planted in different parts of Udaipur.
5. In return citizens did volunterly contribution as ‘ VRIKSHDAN- Donate for Trees’ for Pukaar’s future initiative.